Keep the Lights On


Keep the Lights On –  Ira Sachs, 2012

Keep the Lights On is a 2012 movie directed by Ira Sachs. Comprehension and sensibility are the two characteristics sparked by the movie which explores the long-term romance between Erik, a Danish filmmaker and Paul, a busy lawyer, set in New York. The strong drug addiction and fickleness of the latter hinder the stability of the relationship between the two, and make the viewer have a hard time too.

Steering away from stereotypes of homosexuality and presenting a couple whose shortcomings are due to stress and life and not by close mindness, Ira Sachs succeeds in depicting a relationship which can be personified by everyone, without any distinction of gender and sexuality. It is a work that reflects life then, and the glowing feeling of love that raises us up to heaven, but it also drags us down to gloominess. This duplicity is presented without slipping on cliches of any sort and banality which do not apply to the witty script and soundtrack as well.


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