Weekend – Andrew Haigh, 2011

Andrew Haigh’s Weekend is an intriguing engaging picture of an emotionally powerful encounter between two guys.

Russel (Tom Cullen) and Glen (Chris New) have something to shout to the world. The former had passed a treacherous ,compelling past and is ready to face his feelings and sexual attractions. The latter is mad at the world. He feels society is not as it should be; social order and values are in disquise of something that feels empty. The first quite unsure about his personal and social life, the second mentally sharp and willing to find creative freedom.

The two meet in gay nightclub and eventually Russel brings Glen home for the night. The morning after a conversation takes an unexpected direction. Their relationship, short as we’re talking about 3 days in all, but deep as it takes over rationality, will hinder already planned changes in life and stability.

Thanks to a smart and well-crafted script the movies succeeds in captivating the viewer who is likely to identify himself with the two main characters. It leaves us either with a feeling resembling melancholy of a memory or a sensational satisfaction towards life and its own fuel which is emotion.


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