Boys Don’t Cry

Boys don't cry


Boys Don’t Cry – Kimberly Peirce, 1999.

What a pleasant discovery was this movie, Boyd Don’t Cry, directed by Kimberly Peirce on the basis of really occurred events in the year 1993. This motion picture represents not only a diamond of a work in a context (then and nowadays) in which homosexuality and, as in this case, trans-gender identity are static strands of discussion, but also an act of re-evaluation of women in cinema and their power. This last bit sounds quite pointless to me, since I really cannot see the difference between male and female directors, but I am so convinced that if women are not given a voice in cinema NOW I set fire to the whole industry. Radical, for sure, but utterly gutted by idiocy and nuisance of values and sexism stances that shouldn’t have even been upheld centuries ago. Given this, this movie is a marvellous breathtaking depiction of sexuality crisis and the not understanding but brutal society.

Hilary Swank is Brandon Teena, a young girl who is unable to identify himself in his body, thus a trans man who in the small town of Fall City, Nebraska, falls in love with Lana Tisdel, stunningly played by Chloë Sevigny. As all these gender related issues in our reality (unfortunately) do not spur people to enhance their vision of the world but to brutally repress them, Brandon finds himself raped and astray before being ruthlessly murdered by some unreasonable and cruel guy friend of Lana. More than reviewing the movie itself, yesterday night I was quite compelled by this whole idea of the not understanding reality we find ourself to compete with on a daily basis and I just want to share my thoughts, hoping that, perhaps after having seen the movie itself, you can relate and believe in what I am saying, as much as I do.

13th May, 2014

Just watched Boys Don’t Cry, and I found it a truly inspiring piece of cinema that finally has something to do with the problems of our society. It is terrible, languishing, impossible to swallow the way societal strands and values taint our lives and their capability to make us commit brutal crimes. It’s not up to being right or wrong, to agree with something or less, this is up to the suffering that we are able to provoke in people. It’s not a vision of the world you personally may have, because that vision is the result of centuries pelted with beliefs and theories made up to uphold and preserve someone’s power and legitimacy. It’s not your ‘vision, it is someone else’s that you are not even in agreement with in first place, because you, on your side, don’t question it. Yo don’t explore and discuss what other people say, you don’t listen to the pain and despair, you are not able to see the monstrous engine that stands behind your ideas. I wish people could see what I see and experience everyday. It sparks anger and existentialist anguish within me. I strongly think art and thought provoking medium are what this world needs the most. How can you even breath when you first don’t understand the reality you live in? I guess we’re still human, but H.G. Wells perfectly envisioned our end, the end of a hateful and despairing existence, probably unable to fit in life.


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